Videos on the Lancaster


There are many fine videos illustrating the lives of bomber crews during World War II. I will continue to post ones that add to my uncle’s story and the importance of the Lancaster. Here are a few documentaries and dramatizations from you-tube.

1. Bomber – A history of the Lancaster and its role in the war. Interviews with former crew and bombing runs (44 min.)

2. Lancaster at War  – The role of the Lancaster in World War II (49 min)

3. Jack Currie The Lancaster Legend  – A new skipper joins a bomber crew and gives us a good look at the inside of a Lanc, the roles of each crew member and a bombing operation. (27 min.)

4.  Lancaster – A dramatization of what it was like on a bombing run (12.37 min.)

5. The Bombing War A complete history of the role of bombing beginning in World War I, through the Spanish Civil War and World War II (1 hr 40 min.)

6.  Daily Mail article on the Lancaster

7. The Building of the Mosquito The Mosquito was often the Pathfinder for the bomber streams and led the hundreds of bombers into battle. It was a fighter/bomber were unique because the outer skin was made of plywood. More a more detailed history of the Mosquito watch: The De Havilland Mosquito