Pogamasing, A Lake of Many Authors

by Andy Thomson on January 9, 2024



Last summer Rusty Mekosh came over to visit us with his mother Renne and brought with him something I didn’t expect; a copy of his recently published book, “In the Shadow of a Dark Star.” It is his story about his trip to Africa and the Far East after he retired from a Wall Street investment company with references to his time spent at Pog.

But as I reflected on the milestone Rusty achieved by publishing his story, I soon realized something more significant. Rusty is now the eighth author who has been associated with Lake Pogamasing.

The first and most notable person and author associated with Pog is Jack Miner who in the 1930s was chosen to be one of the five most influential people in North America by Time magazine. He authored three books about his love of birds and nature and his autobiography: Wild Goose Jack is the most notable. There is also a book written about him entitled The Story of Wild Goose Jack, the Life & Work of Jack Miner.

Kay Ward and Andy Gibson (sister and brother) came to Pog with their spouses (Harry and Betty) to establish a lodge after WWII. Andy had spent WWII in the merchant marine and had plenty of harrowing stories to write about in his autobiography Head of Oak. Kay wrote her own story of her life on Pog in Pog Tales about the many characters she got to know at Pog.

Joe Mason wrote two booklets about his life growing up on the French River in My Sixteenth Winter and his love of canoeing in My Romance with the Canoe.

Tim Wynne-Jones is a professional author and a very successful one for young adults. He has written about fifteen books, two of which are set on a lake much like Pog entitled The Maestro and its successor, The Starlight Claim.

Amanda Lewis wrote another WWII story, September 17, a harrowing story about a ship that was torpedoed carrying 50 British kids to Canada to escape the danger of Germany’s bombing of Britain.

The history of the lake is written in Andy Thomson’s Pogamasing: The Story of a Northern Lake. He also wrote a biography of his uncle, Donald Plaunt in Write Soon and Often who was a Lancaster pilot in WW II.

Who will be number nine?

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