Canoe Tripping in the 70s


Several years ago I wrote a short account of my canoe trips on this website (Canoeing into the Past). In 1972 I began operating trips in the Spanish River area, from Pog to Bisco and then down the Spanish to Pog or Agnew Lake for a longer trip. I also added trips down the Mississagi and the Missanabie rivers in subsequent years.  However, I never felt I did justice to those trips on this website although they did prompt me to write a book about the history of the area.

After 45 years I decided to see if I could post some of the photos I took of these trips between 1972-75, both in the summer and in the fall with my school’s Outers club. I purchased a Kodak slide converter to a digital machine that allowed me to then post the photos into a Google album. Unfortunately, I do not have all those photos and I apologize to those who might not see their photo. A drowned camera on one trip, and misplaced photos, account for some of the lost photos. I also have a super 8 film that I may try to digitize as well.

The photos are organized in Google Albums. You can either just look at the pictures and go through the album quickly, or click on the first slide to read some comments. For those who don’t know the history of the area, it may be helpful.

I haven’t listed any names as my records of who took my trips are long gone, as well as my memory.

You can make comments and send me any photos that you would like added.

Here’s the link to the album: Canoe Tripping in the 70s

More in black and white