Pogamasing: The Story of a Northern Lake


Lake Pogamasing The Story of a Northern Lake by Andy ThomsonWelcome to my website on Lake Pogamasing. The purpose of the site is to inform you about a book on a little known lake that mirrored the development of the Canadian wilderness.

Pog, as we more commonly call it, is a lake alongside the CPR in the Spanish River watershed in the Sudbury District. Today it is primarily a lake for recreation, but in its past it was impacted by changes in the Canadian economy. The book will illustrate how these forces affected Lake Pogamasing, the wider area of the Spanish River and in some cases, the North Shore of Georgian Bay.

“Andy Thomson’s Pogamasing: The Story of a Northern Lake is a wonderful read of a part of Canada and a cast of Canadians the likes of which we shall not see again. It has drama, humour, history and, on every page, love of a special place.The research is phenomenal and many of the stories — the “mattress drownings” in particular — are heart wrenching and powerful. It is well written, well organized and nicely illustrated. I cannot think of a family history or a local history that compares to it. Drop in for a visit and you’ll stay to the very end.”
Roy MacGregor, Globe and Mail columnist and author of A Life in the Bush, Canadians: Portrait of a Country and Its People and Northern Light: The Enduring Mystery of Tom Thomson.

Andy Thomson, Author of Lake Pogamasing Ontario Canada

Lake Pogamasing Ontario Canada