The Origin of Place Names in the Pogamasing Area

December 18, 2015

It always puzzled me how many of the place names in our area came to be. I assume there is an agency in the MNR that is responsible for assigning place names but they sometimes have no relationship to the people who have lived here. Some township names were assigned to MPPs or to others […]

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The Espagnol/Espaniel Photo Album

January 3, 2015

One of the more popular posts of this website has been the story of the Espagnols. You can see this from the number of comments and inquiries I have received under the post on Louis Espagnol. I realized I had several photos that have not appeared on this website or my book so here is […]

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Winter in April

April 21, 2014

This was not a good winter to enjoy the outdoors at Pog. Extremely cold weather, higher snowfalls, and pervasive lake slush made this a winter to forget. Fortunately, Mandy and I hit a sweet spot for five days in April, but it was a far cry from April 1st of two years ago when we […]

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A Beautiful Thanksgiving Week

October 19, 2013

It’s a rarity that one can put together a week that was so beautiful as the week that ended with our Canadian Thanksgiving on October 14, 2013. These photographs illustrate better than any words I can say so have a look. Thanksgiving 2013

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It’s a Camp, Not a Cottage

June 18, 2012

  The original title for my book on Lake Pogamasing was ‘It’s a Camp not a Cottage’. In choosing this title I wanted to explain why we refer to our wilderness retreats as a camp, instead of cottage as used by others, especially in southern Ontario.  There is a very good reason for this difference, although it […]

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How the Spanish River Got Its Name

March 14, 2012

There have been a number of explanations for how the Spanish River derived its name. The most common story that I found in books and websites involved a group of Ojibwa (Anishnabe), from the North Shore area, who ventured to the southern United States on a trade mission. They allegedly brought back with them a […]

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Louis Espagnol

March 1, 2012

Louis Espagnol’s connection to the area goes back to 1857 when he first came to Pogamasing. He came from a family – his father and three brothers – who were chiefs in the Spanish River First Nation. His family’s origin is interesting as many believe the first Spanish speaking person in the area was a […]

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The Role of the Espaniels in the Making of Grey Owl

November 29, 2011

Possibly the most renowned person connected to Lake Pogamasing was Jack Miner, the famed conservationist, who was known for his protection of the Canada goose. Because of his important work he was judged by Time magazine to be one of the five most influential persons in North America in the 1920’s. Miner came to Pog because he was […]

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How Researching a Lake’s History Changed my View of Surveying

November 8, 2011

Article written for the Ontario Professional Surveyor, Volume 54, No. 4, Fall 2011 OPS, Vol.54 Few Canadians appreciate the importance of surveying in the development of Canada. I seldom came across the topic in the Ontario curriculum as a history teacher for more than thirty years. There were a few exceptions: the Riel Rebellion in […]

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W. B. (Bill) Plaunt

July 11, 2011

Louis Espagnol, the Native manager of the Hudson’s Bay Post and chief of one of the Spanish River bands was the predominant individual in the mid-19th century at Pogamasing. The honour of this distinction for the early 20th century would go to Bill Plaunt. The two men came from two vastly different worlds, one being […]

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